The team

Our Passion for quality meat

BeBeef is a family business run by two brothers who are first friends but also associates. In 2014 they decided to gather their complementary competences in order to offer a high quality meat and to promote it worldwide with all their knowledge and their professionalism, always ensuring that with BeBeef you make the choice of a tasty, tender and healthy meat, produced with respect for animals and food safety.

Marco Seco

Founder, lawyer

Marco is specialized in small and medium company and more specifically in international entrepreneurship. He takes care of the complete logistic part including the food safety certificate, the customs requirements and also the freight in order to have the best quality at the arrival in your country.

Alberto Seco

Founder, veterinarian

Alberto is passionate about Blue Belgian Beef, that's why he chose to be a veterinarian. Every day, he takes care of animals in different farms and he is able to choose the best product which fulfill the requirements imposed by BeBeef for its customers.