Belgian Blue Beef

Quality and freshness are the first rules for BeBeef. That’s why we select for you the best pieces of meat from the best animals and we take care of the complete transport chain from belgian farms to the airport of your choice.The veterinarian of the team, specialized in Blue Belgian Beef ensures you that With BeBeef, you make the choice of a tasty, tender and healthy meat, produced with respect for animals and food safety.

Furthermore, all of our products are accompanied by marketing accessories in order to prove to the final customer that he is eating something different, something produced in a family farm with a control by the vet from the farmer’s to the gourmet’s fork.BeBeef is specialized in chilled food but don’t hesitate to ask us about frozen food. We will do our best in order to accomplish your wish.

Some of our products

Petite tête

Top Sirloin (Cap off)

Filet pur


Entrecôte à l’os

Ribeye (bone in)

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Pelure d’aloyau – Cap of top sirloin

Contre filet – Strip loin

Filet d’Anvers – Eye of Round

Grosse Cuisse – Inside Round

Grosse tête – Knuckle

Plate Cuisse – Outside Flat